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Feeling Relaxed After Covid-19 Vaccine?

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Feeling Relaxed After Covid-19 vaccine

The whole world has suffered a lot on the hand of this Covid-19 which was emerged from Wuhan city of China and then it will almost unstoppable. No one even the US President can’t stop himself to be a victim of this virus. The atrocities of this virus would lead this world to the brink of destruction.



Hope written on rural road


There is always a hope that would help us pass through every difficult time humans ever faced. We always have a hope to have a better future as compared to the life, we are living. Hope is a reason for the survival of humanity at almost every difficult time. If we don’t have the power to believe in the future then we would be the same as other living beings in this world.



Nowadays, we are hearing about vaccines that are being made by different countries. First on the list is a vaccine prepared by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and BioNTech. There are other vaccines including Oxford-AstraZeneca which is going through its final stages before it will become available. While the US-based vaccine is already supplied to different parts of the world.


Are we safe after taking the vaccine? Tell me what you say about this in the comment section. According to one of the representatives of WHO, this covid-19 is a life-changing virus. According to him, our life will never be the same for almost next 50 years at least. We have known very little about the covid-19 virus, so it cannot be sure that we will completely defeat this virus or not.

At last, I just like to say that we should wear a mask at least. Despite all the good news, there is some kind of illusion which I will discuss with you in another article. Feeling Relaxed After Covid-19 Vaccine? I want to know your views related to this question. How long this pandemic lasts?



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