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How Corona Pandemic will change the world?

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Let’s think about the world after the corona pandemic, it seems quite surprising to see the world-changing. Don’t you think this pandemic would change your lives? It is really going to alter our ways of living from wearing masks to avoiding handshakes in our daily routine. This pandemic will let this planet to change its traditions for the well-being and harmony of its people.

We are trying to protect our lives from Covid-19 by following the precautionary measures given by WHO as much as we could. Isn’t it ending soon? What will happen after lockdown? Are we all safe then? The lives of human beings aren’t gonna be the same as it was before. Corona Pandemic isn’t going to end until the preparation of a complete vaccine which would take at least a year.

Changes After Corona Pandemic

Now we are about to analyse the situation after the pandemic in different aspects.

A World that is Less Open, Prosperous, and Free:

We can be sure that this pandemic will strengthen the state and strengthen nationalism. The governments will adopt different types of emergency measures in order to manage the crisis. We can also expect that many authorities will be reluctant to abandon these new commands when the situation of crises is over.

Another important aspect regarding Corona Pandemic is that it will stimulate the transformation of power and influence most probably from West to East. Countries like South Korea, Singapore have responded well after early mistakes. The response in Europe and America has been quite slow and poor in this regard.

The End of Globalization:

Globalization is a process in which the world appears to be changing economically due to the increasing needs that are also considered as movements of capital, goods, services. We also say that people across different borders that all create world economies. Though, you can also assume that it is a geographical, cultural, economical and institutional distance between countries.
The coronavirus pandemic could also slow down the economic globalization. China’s growing economic and military power had already provoked a great sense of debate among Americans. As it is to be seen that increasing public and political pressure to meet carbon emissions reduction targets had already created a lot of questions. Now, COVID-19 is forcing governments, companies to increase their capacity to deal with the period of self-isolation.

Amidst Corona Pandemic Democracies Will Come out of Their Shell:

Now we can see the dead democracies of countries like China etc will also come out of their shell to criticize the abilities of their government if they would neglect some important implications in this time of crises. It will also give a boost to democracies of the developing countries as well as for countries like China, North Korea and Saudi Arabia etc.

A Dramatic New Stage in Global Capitalism:

The fundamental shock to the world’s financial and economic system is the recognition that global supply chains and distribution networks are deeply vulnerable to disruption. The coronavirus pandemic will therefore not only have long-lasting economic effects but lead to a more fundamental change. The coronavirus pandemic will therefore not only have long-lasting economic effects but lead to a more fundamental change.

Globalization allowed companies to farm out manufacturing all over the world and deliver their products to markets on a just-in-time basis, bypassing the costs of warehousing. Inventories that sat on shelves for more than a few days were considered market failures. Supply had to be sourced and shipped on a carefully orchestrated, global level. COVID-19 has proven that pathogens can not only infect people but poison the entire just-in-time system

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