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How to Lose Weight in Ramadan in a Healthy Way?

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Weight Loss is very important in a person life and it is very difficult to lose weight especially in the month of Ramadan. Here are a few important tips by famous Pakistani Actress Juggan Kazim. She explains different tips to lose especially in the Holy month of Ramadan by eating healthy despite taking unhygienic food in Ramadan.

You can learn a lot from the expert doctor, she invited on her show on her Youtube channel to talk especially about ‘ how to lose weight in Ramadan?’. And also subscribe her on youtube channel to get more updates about her healthy lifestyle. Juggun Kazim is a famous Pakistani actress and I know most of you are familiar with her.

Weight loss tips by Juggun Kazim

Diet Recipes

Oven-Baked Low Fat Chicken Breast Recipe

If you want more health and Weight loss tips so stay tuned with us.


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